Pronounced (Day-vid)

川添 Kawazoe, riverside (有祐 Yuusuke, Literally Meaning: have aid)


Through out his life he was known as a weakling by his peers, he started training in martial arts and fencing, the people of his village was surprised by his skill with a sword and dodging despite being a normal human, he surpassed all of his peers and his master, he left his village (Hidden Mountain of Mist) to search for more stronger enemies to perfect his own talent, but leaving with no intent of coming back Is considered a crime In all villages, so David was classified a missing-nin by the higher ups and was later classified as a extremely dangerous criminal for joining the Shinozaki.


Extremely alert with a high ability to dodge every attack the enemy throws at him

Can teleport 4 people at a time as well as himself

Mastered the usage of ranged and melee weapons

The power of the Shino-Eyes

Apon learning about the Shino-Eye's he asked Purevil about awakening It Purevil told him "One can only unlock the Shino-Eye's If they are from the branch of my (Purevil's) family, or being of the Shinozaki clan, through loss you can unlock the power of these eyes." as David learned more about the Shino-Eyes he wanted them more & more... until he HAD to have them, so he returned to his village and asked his brother for help in achieving his eyes, his brother said " Yes but, In return I also want these eyes." Adam joined the Shinozaki and together they slaughtered all there close friends and family to unlock the Shino-Eye's, Adam unlocked the Shino-Eye, David however; awakened the Shino-Dojin Instead.

David's Shino-Donjin

It resembles the symbols Fusion, Sun, and Ancient.                                    (From top to bottom left to bottom right)