Pronounced (Den-jo-sat-en)

un-perfected form

The Dinjo-sati Is a fully offensive and defensive form of manifested chakra that forms around the user forming a gigantic humanoid, with continued mastery Dinjo-sati can become more defensive forming armor, shields, katanas, crossbows, and kamas, through more mastery It can become a fully controllable and armored humanoid with wings with the ability to fly.

Physical Damage

The Dinjo-sati can't be damages by physical attacks, In trying to attempt to attack It physically with a weapon It will welt Into lava, If the user attacks It with their hand It will give their hand 3rd degree burns,

The only person to damage a Dinjo-sati with physically damage was Hhar, when fighting against David he activated Dinjo-sati, Hhar then summoned a sword from his hideout and used Balance Release: Re-size Entity to re-size his sword, then using a unknown Wind Release technique to fling the sword at the Dinjo-sati cracking It and crumbling to piece forcing David to retreat using a teleportation technique.


Dinjo-sati will not self repair, the only way to repair It Is to advance to the next form or by dispersing it and then forming it anew.

Dinjo-sati Forms

Rib Cage Formation

This form Is used before advancing to the un-perfected form.

Rigcage form

Rib Cage Form (Defensive)

Rigcage form blast

Rib Cage-Chakra Destruction Ball (Offensive)

Rigcage form hand

Rib Cage-Hand (Taunting)


Un-Perfected Formation

This form Is a unstable version of the Dinjo-sati.


Un-Perfected Form


Perfected Formation

This form Is the stable form of the Dinjo-sati

Sati perfected

Perfected Form