Pronounced (Mar-rock)

猿渡 Saruwatari, monkey on a crossing bridge (一真 Kazuma, Literally Meaning: one reality)

Marak was trained by Hhar when he was recruited into the Mitosutsuki by Shinimaku, he later left the clan because he feared he might soon be killed by one of the villages elite assassins squads, Mitosutsuki became a well known criminal clan that became famous for successfully stealing a Shino-Eye and using It against the elite assassin squad of the Valley of Milhor.


Even thought Marak doesn't possess a Shindojin he Is still very strong and dangerous, Marak knows and mastered all Nature types and knows over 15 techniques, (Some techniques he knows are the strongest techniques to ever be created.)

Mastered the usage of melee and ranged type weapons.

Master of agility and stealth.