Pronounced (Mi-toe-sut-su-key)

森田 Morita, forest field ( 秋人 Akito, Literally Meaning: Person of Autumn)

The international crime group known by all three main villages and all sub villages, all members are classified as extremely dangerous, If anyone Is to see a member of this group they are instructed to attack on sight.


Shinimaku formed this group to watch the villages In silent and take action when necessary, Shinimaku later met Hhar and Yahiko, they created and perfected the Team techniques together and through this a bond was formed, with Shinimaku, Hhar, and Yahiko as the main leaders they started recruiting members.

Harmada, Kyzo, was trained by Shinimaku.

Teru, Kai, was trained by Yahiko.

Adam, Miko, Marak was trained by Hhar.

With there new powerful clan they made uniforms, the apperance of the uniform was white with a straight black line going down the middle where the robe opened, the Mitosutsuki logo appeared on the back, and on the head band they wore.

The clan then walked down the wrong path, they intended to capture 4 Shino-Eye's and combine It Into a new form of Shindojin.

Shinimaku was killed during an attempt to steal a Shino-Eye, Hhar left the clan before he was ever noticed as a Mitosutsuki member by the villages, Yahiko remained a leader of the clan until his death.


Marak left the clan.

Teru was killed by Serenity

Harmada survived the attack from the Hidden Mountain of Mist

Kyzo committed suicide while fighting Marak

Kai was drowned while fighting Purevil

Miko left the clan

Adam left the clan