Pronounced (Purr-rev-ill)...

Purevil Translation (中村 Nakamura, Literally Meaning: center of the village)


As a child Purevil often played with his brother Hhar, his mother and father wasn't around much so his older brother took care of him, this continued for many years stopping when Purevil was the age of 14, Hhar left one night leaving a note saying good bye. Purevil became sick and he soon discovered his left eye was becoming darker, he had to cover It because the eye color of his left eye turned grey, he thought this was best since It would be weird having his eyes two different colours.

Note: Purevil can only see out of his left eye when the Shino-Dojin Is activated In It.


Being part wolf his senses combined with the already amazing senses of his human part he can avoid any damage from his enemy or natural disasters

He can open a rift to other dimensions as well as any place In a large radius around him, Note the rift only opens for a specific amount of time but a infinite amount of people can pass through the rift while It's active, he can also teleport himself and other people without use of the rift but only 3 can be teleported at a time

Master of stealth, agility and a genius when It comes to battle strategy

He can summon a selection of weapons ranging from a bow, katana, dagger, scythe and chains

In possession of the final version of the Shino-Eye, he also has mastered all the powers that come with the final version as well as creating a few powers of his own

Unlocking the Shino-Eyes

Purevil unlocked the Shino-Eye's when he lost his mission partner Kyrah during the 1st war, he further distanced himself from the Mountain Village (Hidden Mountain of The Mist) making him a enemy In the eyes of the higher ups, they feared his power of the Shino-Eye's so they sent highly trained warriors to eliminate him but they were unsuccessful and they later discovered that he killed them, he was now declared a extremely dangerous criminal by the Mountain Village, as they sent more and more warriors to defeat him he became stronger and stronger, by the age of 19 he awakened the power of the Shino-Dojin. he now resides In the Valley of Milhor.

Purevil's Shino-Dojin

It resembles the symbols Demon, Strengh, and Pain.                                 (From top to bottom left to bottom right)



Statistics are based on battle strategy and power. (0 Is the worst while 5 Is the best ranking.)

Data Ninjin Sarjin Dojin Intelligence Strength Speed Stamina Total
Part I 2 0.5 1 2.5 2 2 1.5 11.5
Part II 3 1 3 3 3.5 3.5 3 20