Awakening The Rilateral-Dojinsu

The Rilateral-Dojinsu can only be awakened once you've fully mastered the Shino-Dojin and the Shino-Eye (Final) and know and master all nature types. Through the experience of death In you're final moments have enough will-power to awaken the Rilateral-Dojinsu, you're eye sight, and life force will be recovered to when you awakened the Shino-Dojin

(You can also obtain a Rilateral-Dojinsu from gaining a god-like form or being given god-like powers).


The Rilateral-Dojinsu possesses the abilities of the Shino-Eye, and Shino-Dojin. It also allows you to bend matter to you're will, with this you can form black holes, re-size animals, and even break someones bones by just looking at them.

The Rilateral-Dojinsu also posses the power to tell a user from there clone.

Legends say when a user masters their Rilateral-Dojinsu they will take the form of a god of creation, or a god of destruction.

Combining with Nature Types

The dojinsu can be used with multiple nature types to create absurdly powerful techniques.

Compatible Nature Types

Combining the dojinsu with the following nature types allows for these abilites.

  • Balance Release allows for the ability to expand, pull, push, and bend gravity.
  • Evil Release allows the ability of amazing hypnosis with the ability to control the dream.
  • Earth Release allows the ability to shatter medium sized rocks you're enemy throws at you.
  • Wind Release allows for the user to greatly grow their flames.
  • Water Release allows the user to take control of the water the enemy Is using.

Known Rilateral-Dojinsu Users

Hhar's Rilateral-Dojinsu


Hhar's Rilateral-Dojinsu