Pronounced (Sir-rin-ity)

山下 Yamashita, under the mountain (歩 Ayumu, Literally Meaning: walk your own way)


Born an only child she never got to know her father and her mother Is always working, she never had any friends as a child and was usually left out of team picks due to her lack of training. she was flunking through the academy ranks and she had one more day until she was going to be kicked out of the academy, she had meet a man named Hhar, he trained her very well she passed the academy test and passed all of the people who left her out.

Hhar then introduced Serenity to his little brother, Purevil, since they were the same age they hit It off and became best friends, they were always together training, playing, even shopping, but soon Purevil was slipping In the academy ranks, this was not like him since he Is always training so hard, Serenity asked whats wrong and Purevil said "Big brother left last night and he still hasn't come back!" Serenity comforted him, and told him don't worry he'll be back, I know he will!


Skilled with melee and ranged

Being part wolf makes her sense of danger extremely high and with ease she can avoid tons of attacks

In possession of the second stage of the Shino-Eye's

Can summon animals such as wolf, boar, deer, hawk

Master of stealth

Unlocking the Shino-Eyes

Serenity was the first person to ever unlock 2 stages of the Shino-Eye's In one day, she unlocked the first stage from her mothers death, and the second stage from Purevil marrying her.