The Shino-Dojin can be awakened once you possess the final stage of the Shino-Eye, It Is awakened through revenge or justice (through killing a loved one for revenge or killing someone for a loved one through justice).

Note: All previous effects of the Shino-Eye stages carry on to the Shino-Dojin.

The Shino-Dojin's appearance is unique to each user that's awakened It.


The Shino-Dojin possesses powers far greater than that of the final Shino-Eye, Once a user awakened the Shino-Dojin In both eyes they are able to preform Dinjo-sati, a fully offensive and defensive form of manifested chakra that forms around the user forming a gigantic humanoid, with continued mastery Dinjo-sati can become more defensive forming armor, shields, katanas, crossbows, and kamas, through more mastery It can become a fully controllable and armored humanoid with wings with the ability to fly.

The Shino-Dojin also possesses the ability to cast Atmersuki, this technique Is a Dojin type, Atmersuki Is a infinitely burning black flame that the user can turn Into a variety of shapes and sizes, the flame follows what ever the user looks at.

The Shino-Dojin also possesses the counter-part to the Atmersuki, Kimiotosuki, this technique forms a massive meteor of infinitely burning red flames above the target.

If mastered The Shino-Dojin can predict movements before the target preforms them.

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