The Shino-Eye Is a gift to Purevil's family branch and the members of the Shinozaki clan.

The Shinozaki

The way the Shinozaki Is able to awaken the Shino-Eye Is because Purevil developed a seal that allows one to awaken It, though Purevil can undo the seal at anytime If one was to form a Shino-Dojin, the seal will be undone and they will possess a real Shino-Eye.

Shino-Eye Stages

Through loss, the user can awaken the Shino-Eye (Stage One). the effected of each stage carry over to other stages.

Shino-Eye Stage 1

Stage one of the eye offers an extreme enhancement of the users vision.

It's awakened through loss.


Shino-Eye Stage 2

Stage two of the eye offers an increased amount of strength.

It's awakened through immense emotional pain.


Shino-Eye Final

The final stage of the eye offers an hypnotic trance putting the target In dream-like state, If the target were to make direct eye contact with the user.

It's awakened through loosing a loved one or a close friend.