Pronounced (Tak-e-yo-me)

拓海 Takumi (Literally Meaning: open sea)


Takumi was created by the God of Everything, Hakirara. he was sent to earth disguised as a human (closely resembling Hhar) to gain knowledge about the powers of Earth, after 20 years Takumi reported back that Earth was not a powerful planet so the God of Everything granted Takumi the powers of creation, he began to create many new animals and villages until he learned from another spy of the gods that the true power of Earth was hidden In a different part of the world, Takumi feared that those who wielded those powers may use them against the gods one day, Takumi reported the news back to Hakirara, Hakirara then granted Takumi the powers of a god of destruction.

Note: Takumi never lost his creation powers when he became a god of destruction.


Takumi also created a secret village for all of the villagers that couldnt afford a home In the other villages he created so they made [[Imuyaksi]] their home, Takumi also created farms, and wells for the villagers to gather food and water from. he was a truly peaceful god but he was faithful to his king and carried out his mission to destroy Earth, but he was later sealed by Team save the day!.

(The Japanese symbol of Imuyaksi, literally meaning Is Peace).